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Water Main Flushing – June 16-19

The City of Ponchatoula Water Department will be performing water main flushing on the west side of the city, June 16-19. This work will include the operation of fire hydrants at flow velocities sufficient to remove naturally occurring minerals that have precipitated out of the water and settled. During this time residents and businesses may temporarily experience discolored water and/or low water pressure.

What  if I experience discolored water?

If you experience discolored water, run your cold water tap until it runs clear. If it does not run clear within five (5) minutes, turn the water off, wait fifteen (15) minutes and run the cold water tap until it runs clear. If it does not run clear within the next fifteen (15) minutes, please call 985-386-6484 during business hours (9am-4pm, Monday-Friday). If it is outside of business hours, please call 985-386-6548, and the police dispatcher will contact the on call Water Department personnel.

Can I do laundry during this time?

You may do laundry during this time, however we urge residents to wait until late evenings when possible; also, test your water at a sink, tub, or outside faucet first. We would also advise washing dark loads first, and if possible saving white or light loads until the flushing is completed.


North Oaks Health System Begins Operations to Deal With COVID-19

Effective March 13, 2020, North Oaks Health System has implemented a triage system and other tactics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic declared by the World Health Organization. President and CEO Michele Sutton announced the health system’s response plan following a summit North Oaks hosted with area officials Wednesday. Beginning today, she said, North Oaks will implement a triage system to evaluate and test patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The response plan also addresses patient and visitor screenings, patient masking, limited hospital entry points, visitation hours, visitor restrictions and support of social distancing recommendations.

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