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City Hall is NOW OPEN

City Hall doors are now open to the public. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our citizens and team members. Therefore, until the next phase of reopening, here are tips and facts on what to expect during this phase of reopening:

We ask that NO ONE having symptoms of COVID-19 and/or fever enter City Hall. Please stay home for the protection of everyone else.

While we have physical measures in place to help protect you and team members, we ask that transactions or interactions with City Hall take place via telephone, email, or website whenever possible.

Please wear a mask into City Hall if you must enter. Masks are not required but highly encouraged.

Please use hand sanitizers when entering City Hall. Hand sanitizer is provided in City Hall.

Until further notice, public restrooms inside City Hall will remain closed.

We will be cleaning commonly touched surfaces at regular intervals in all common or public areas of City Hall.

Mayor’s Court postponements due to COVID-19 have been rescheduled to July 8-9, 2020. Please view the July calendar for details.

Consolidated Board Meetings will resume May 26, 2020.

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